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The manufactory FA-TIME deals with the manufacture and sell of wooden kitchen equipments pot mats clocks chopping boards and furnishings. Our firm started its life out of a crafted business in 1996 and as the year went and with the increase of the demand became a more and more influential participant of the native and international handicrafts. Now we are already regular participant of the home and foreign handicraft fairs but all of our products can be found also on the web.

The goal of the individual kitchen equipments trivets chopping board is partly the practicum partly the natural beauty. They can be bought in different colours and in countless forms. If you buy it yourself or give it to somebody you find here surely the product which will be really a decoration in the kitchen.

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The fajandekok prepares for yeas articles for use out of worked wood for more than 2 decades. The supply will be increased and increase and we meet plus individual demands. We produce everything which is made of wood and you would like to boast or to give it to somebody. We help also readily with the brainstorming if the product you imagined should really be individual and useful.
Trivets which are more than a kitchen device
Would you like to elate the dinner or the large family meeting using special kitchen equipments? Are you looking for gifts for parent’s birthday of a girl friend or for any occasion but you don't where to go? The most housewives like the kitchen innovations well the one-off and clever solutions. If you don’t have still idea how to present your loved lady ones you are on the best place.

You can choose more than 40 trivets made of high quality wood with individual production. Here you are some ideas you can surprise your loved ones or yourself.

Our snail trivets quoting cocoa snail are available in several variations. The trivet out of the interviewed of dark and bright colours is really innovative and spectacular and can be even the decoration of the table if it isn’t in use. It should be even angled or rounded trivet or napkin snail on their way of own they present themselves in the kitchen.

The rectangular round forest is a typical folk-tale motive which is surely familiar for everybody if not somewhere than from elsewhere remembering the childhood tales. If you don’t insist on the angular forms you can find several ones out of the round forest motives. We recommend then in cleared solid but still special households.

Another popular motive is the heart. Should it be a trivet with a motive closed into a small heart or created by interweave hearts both of them transmit intimacy and courtesy.

Music and piano fans attention please. Even this cottage piano couldn’t play and the note to sing it’s still worth to obtain one of them.

The trivets having snowflake form can mean also wall decoration. They are nice worked. They don’t quote the winter but they provide a nice new view also in winter or summer.

Would you like to have a really extreme gift which we recommend also to men cooks clever with their hands? Choose them one of our trivets with whalebone form.