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Special designed chopping boards

In this category you can see our designed chopping boards which will be made in first class quality. The spectacular kitchen products can thank their colour to the different wood sorts. Our firm produces wooden products for more than 20 years. We mix the individual ideas with the quality which means in the case of in the case of chopping boards using waterproof glue D4 with 4-6 tonnes press pressure and a treatment with pharmaceutical paraffin oil. The chopping boards are not usual pieces. They are practical and at the same time spectacular consumer goods which can help long time in the kitchen but as a gift they are perfect too.

The FA-TIME manufacture started at first as an entertainment specialized for wooden clocks for today it has certified in several areas with its high-level products. The Fajandékok - it means gifts out of wood, are famous not only because of the practicum but their tasteful appearance, too. We are usual participants of the national and international crafted fairs and you can see our products on the shelves of the furnishing shops.

Why are our design special chopping boards special?

Because the treasury of the possibilities out of the wood is unlimited. We have been working for more than 2 decades in order to serve you trying to meet the new demands. Look around in our web shop kitchen products supply under the kitchen menu point. Under the kitchen menu point you can see countless products which can be no only decorative and useful gifts but they may have a good place in your household, too.

You can choose among 40 sorts of chopping boards and all of them have their own specialty and history.

The Premium Quality chopping boards became individual because of the alloys of different wood sorts. You can choose among different forms, including but not limited, we make arched and cornered striped leaf and fish-formed chopping boards but it's not rare to meet the individual demands.

To the music and musical instrument funs we please, too. There are trumpet violin and guitar formed chopping boards which are perfect for supply and serving.

If you would like to surprise your mother or your sweetheart with a really special gift the heart form chopping board can be a very good choice. You can find some possibilities out of this motive on the page of Fajandekok among the kitchen complementary.

The puzzle chopping board assimilates a huge puzzle piece which is also a magnificent gift idea even for men liking the kitchen.
The chopping board with a knife is a real speciality. Its large advantage is that the knife gets place in a safe box cut into a boards so it's always near at hand. Because of their exciting colors our mosaic boards are also very well lived.
If you buy something all of our chopping boards as a gift we offer you to do them more personal with individual engraving text or motive.

How can you buy from us?

If you would like to buy a chopping board on the page Fajandekok.hu choose the "Kitchen" category. On the opening page you can see our kitchen articles for use where you can find the "design special chopping boards" under the first picture. If you are interested also in other kitchen products click one of the further pictures under the trivets wooden bowels pizza boards’ cheese plates table decoration brandy offering serving plates.

Having chosen the wished product click on the basket icon. Here you can decide whether to look around further or to fix your order. Having clicked on the order you have to give your data. If you want to do it register in order to come back later as a registered shopper. It is naturally possible to buy without any registration. From this point you have nothing to do then to wait for the chosen product to get.