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Kitchen products

Wooden kitchen extras and decoration

A kitchen decoration is with our home in to if it reflects our own taste and fits into the colours of the kitchen. The wooden kitchen equipments look great in the entire kitchen. Partly they reflect the natural beauty of the wood partly if they are in use take style and individuality into the kitchen where to tell the truths the family members are often.

If we have a company at home the wooden equipments look great on the table. The trivet is a kitchen extra which is an essential part of all the meal. Till the soup arrives or the guests wait for the main course they bear up as kitchen decoration.

The advantages of the wooden equipments and decoration

The wood is a timeless product which remains long-lasting after a good treatment even with a daily use. We have now uncountable products but we receive also individual orders and if you would like to get some engraving  we carry it with pleasure out. The FA-TIME Hungary is a handicraft entertainment where we carefully select the wooden sorts to the preparation of some products.

If you would like to do your kitchen personal or you are looking for a gift we can offer you many complementary.
We have for example designed chopping boards and some ones can be available also with knife. It's a very practical invention liked by a lot of people.

Trivets can be asked not only with round forest motive the trivets with musical instruments /ZEN1/ but also the little snail and angular snail trivets are also very saleable. Choose as you want for yourself or as a present out of our supply.

Availability taking orders

Our workshop is in Bicske. We produce the individual artisan products and you can take them here personally.
We take a home delivery to any points of the country so if you liked any of our products and you would like to buy it give your order to the web store the next way.

Clicking on the product on the product on the right side you find „the basket" /Kosárba/. Having given the amount click onto it. If you would like to buy other or several products choose on the pop-up window the option „select more". If you finished the shopping click on the key „to the basket".

In your basket you can modify the amount you can order other products or you can remove something out of it.

With a click onto the order key you can give down your order but to do it you have to write your data. See us and surprise yourself or loved ones with individual kitchen decoration.

Register on the web site fajandekok.hu and get another advantages but you can do the shopping without any registration too.