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Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

It is good to play. Children spend the large part of their days with play they learn and experience through play in their first years. But the fun of the play doesn't belong to the children only because one wooden toy or game recreate the adults on a family or friend's meeting at home even at home at a cloudy winter evening.

The beauty and quality provided by the nature in the fajandekokban /in the word fajandek you can find 2 words fa+ajandek so we created the word fajándék/ which we quietly recommend even to the youngest children. It's well known that the toys made of natural materials don't damage the health and they are more durable that their plastic mates.

Should they be a vehicle for pushing or a rolling small animal figure or games all of them represent high level. Because of their colour world they can also decorate the children's room.

We, the colleagues of the FA-TIME Hungary deal already for more than 30 years with products out of unmanufactured wood. You can see us in the shop windows of interior decoration shops well on the national and international craft fairs. IN the beginning we produced wooden clocks but by now a lot of our products became popular.


What would you like about a wood engraved combination? Or a wooden picture recording your favourite photograph? Are you looking for a symbol referring to piety for a gift or for your own? But maybe you have desire for an ambient and custom designed motive doing your home individual?

At us in the web shop of the fajandekok you can find all of them. In addition of the above mentioned ones you can find all of other products if you visit the fajandekok.hu web page. Our kitchen equipment well the designed premium quality special chopping boards are well-liked but the trivets wooden bowls serving bowls are also crafted equipments being often much in demand.

Wooden toys

You can find the menu point "Wooden toys" in the main menu. To the youngest children we recommend the rolling animal figures the bit elder ones the pushing vehicles i.e. small cars locomotives tractors with vehicles on to or without them. We produce pencil-case lorry even for office use or racing car. We take care of the children' and that environments protection. Our toys don't contain material bad for health of the children and our environment.

Would you like to buy a special and lasting gift for birthday and Christmas? Choose the colour translator what is an exciting strategic toy for everybody.

Way of order

Visit the web page fajandekok.hu. Most of the wooden gifts /fajandekok/ can be at once ordered or we undertake its making at once.

If you would like to buy a gift from us select the "wooden toys" menu point. You can put them here in your basket.

If you would like to look around choose "further selection" key than look around in our supply and order what you would like to order.

Having finished the shopping look the basket icon at the right upper corner check the products into the basket and click on the order.

You can see here also the transfer costs. In our workshop in Bicske we provide free delivery otherwise the GLS messenger system delivers the products.

As a registered buyer but also without registration you can give your order down. Having given your data and paid the product off /if you don't ask the delivery with cash on delivery/ there's nothing back than to wait for the delivery service onto to the selected product or to see us personally.

Select as you want among the wooden gifts and we guarantee the individuality and reliability.