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Specially formed wooden clocks

The specially formed wall clocks come out of the alloy of the quality reliability individual design and beauty created by nature. They are long lasting and can be decorative pieces at your office or home. At least one wall clock can be found in a household but there are traditional clock ones attract attention because they are custom-designed and decorative. They can be made of maple-wood pagoda wood walnut wood oak wood but rarely cherry mulberry wood and apple wood. Have you ever heard of silver wood? We make special designed clocks out of it.

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The FA-TIME Hungary is a crafted enterprise established in 1998 specialized in the beginning in clocks. Now we can be proud of it that as a result of our more than 2-decade conscientious work we are permanent participants of the national and international artisan fairs. In addition to these fairs several of our products can be found in the supply of the home furnishings stores.

Our individual wooden products

Next to the wall clocks we prepare premium quality chopping boards trivets kitchen complementary serving bowls jewellery boxes and gift boxes. If you like the graphic works have a look at the wall boards decorated with the works of graphic artist András Simon. At the web page fajandekok.hu you can also find a multitask storage tank which is footstool and storage tank at the same time.

Specially formed clocks

How a clock made of wood will be special? There aren't two same wood materials that's why there are no two same clocks. The treasury of possibilities opens itself in front of us when we start to work with the natural wood and often we create something new as we work with the wood. That's why the wooden clocks having special form will be one off. You can choose among our wall table or combined clocks wall and table one too. For example there is a clock representing the annual rings of a wood but having left an interesting branched or continued the trunk we can get an exciting work. We make clocks with or without bark clocks engraved diagonally horizontally or perpendicularly decorated clocks this way. Always the individual motives res the demands determine the product which will be prepared.

We have still apple football children pendulum and 3D clocks. We prepare also conversely going clocks.

At the main page fajandekok.hu at the menu point Clocks select the More menu point. The category of all the wall clocks can be ordered from us appears here. Click on the menu point specially formed clocks. You can choose from more than 100 different clocks. Click on the picture.

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