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Nagy hegedű vágódeszka (NHVD)

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Nagy hegedű vágódeszka (NHVD)
Nagy hegedű vágódeszka (NHVD)
Nagy hegedű vágódeszka (NHVD)
Nagy hegedű vágódeszka (NHVD)
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Present ideas to music fans musicians violinists chopping board serving board out of real wood.

Present love and warmth with this violin chopping board made of wood to your musicians friends what is a wonderful creative surprise but it cannot be absent out of the treasury of christmas gift ideas and that of birthday ideas and Easter gift ideas. It can be a kind bright spot of the pleasant home decoration.

The chopping board in large violin was made of japanese acacia wood.
If you need we prepare it out of other wood.

Our chopping boards with musical instrument form are an ideal present idea for music fans musian firends relatives and our loved ones.
These chopping boards are practical as a wall or table decoration.They are practical if you would like to use them serving dish. You can serve on them cheese, meat, desserts, because they represent a practical aesthetic and outstanding solution to do this task.

If you need you can ask ENGRAVEMENT on these chopping boards so you cand do the gift more personal.

An engravement possibility can optionally be choosen in the case of these products.
If it is out of stock you can order it!
Time of preparation: 3-5 working days.

(The small and large violin foms are only illustrations for the comparison).



Németh Zoltán faműves mester (Bicske)


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