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Mackócsalád 6 boccsal (MACS6)

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Mackócsalád 6 boccsal (MACS6)
Mackócsalád 6 boccsal (MACS6)
Mackócsalád 6 boccsal (MACS6)
Mackócsalád 6 boccsal (MACS6)
104 EUR
Teddy Bear Family with 6 bear-cubs. Gift ideas for Little and Large(persons) out of real wood.

Present love and warmth with this wooden Teddy Bear Family (with 6 bear-cubs). It's a creative family surprise but it cannot be absent out of the treasury of Christmas present ideas birthday ones as well out of Easter gifts. It can be a kind bright spot of the home decoration. The 6 bear-cubs is really respectable number. Good health to all the family.

With engraving it can be done personal.

This large Teddy Bear Family was made after after an individual order.

Transform smile into somebody's life with this charm wooden bear family.These bears carved with love mean perfect gift for all the occasions. We made them manually using fretsaw out of wood of very high quality in order to provide you pleasure for a lot of years.

These wooden bears are not only very nice developed but for the individuality they can be engraved, too. Do this gift more personal and recall the memorable moments with individual messages or names. It should be a wedding gift anniversary or a little surprise this bear family surely charmes the peoples' heart.

Surface treament pharmaceutical parrafin (wax)

The large bear family in the picture was done out of steamed beech-wood.
The colour differencies can we realize using staining.
If it's not out of stock you can order, too.
Time of preparation 3-6 working days
If you wold like engravement contact us.
In this family there are surface to get engravement that's why it's important to agree on the number +36 20 917 7653


Németh Zoltán faműves mester (Bicske)


Fa-time Manufaktura
Order deadline - if not in stock and it can be ordered
3-5 munkanap
Size (cm)
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315 g/pcs
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