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Kicsi hegedű vágódeszka (KHVD)

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Kicsi hegedű vágódeszka (KHVD)
Kicsi hegedű vágódeszka (KHVD)
Kicsi hegedű vágódeszka (KHVD)
Kicsi hegedű vágódeszka (KHVD)
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40 EUR
Small violin formed chopping board of Japanese pagoda wood.
If you need it we make it also out of other wood.

Our chopping boards with musical instrument form is an excellent present idea for music fans musician friends relatives and beloved ones.
These chopping board presents a table or wall decoration and they are practical because they are an aesthetic and very good solution if you want to serve cheese meet or desserts on them.
If you need you can ENGRAVEMENT on these chopping boardsand so you can do this gift more personal.
The possibility for engravement you can select at the Products.
If it is out of stock you can order it.
Time of preparation: 3-5 working days

(The little and large violins forms are illusration for the comparison!!!)



Németh Zoltán faműves mester (Bicske)


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3-5 munkanap
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