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Cicacsalád két kis cicával (CIC-2)

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Cicacsalád két kis cicával  (CIC-2)
Cicacsalád két kis cicával  (CIC-2)
Cicacsalád két kis cicával  (CIC-2)
Cicacsalád két kis cicával  (CIC-2)
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Find the cat family of your dreams.
Perfect cat family with two  2 kittens out of real woodis a perfect gift for Little or Large ones.
Present love and warmth with this 2 kittens cat family what is a wonderful creative family surprise but it cannot be absent out of the treasury of Christmas present ideas the birthday ones as well out of the easter gifts. It can be the kind bright spot of the home decoration. Give you home some refinement with this individual crafted cat family. 
Transform  smile into somebody's life with this charm wooden CAT family. These with love carved cats mean a perfect gift for all the ossasions.
Two little miracles.
Admire this cat family made of beech wood where the parents bring two little cats up.If you would like to get childish gaiety this cat family with 2 kittens will be a perfect choice.
The simple naturalistic design harmonizes with the beauty of the nature and makes all the pieces individual and it gives to all pieces warm mood.  

With engravement it can be more personal.

If it's out of stock you can order it.

Time for development: 3-5 working days.


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Németh Zoltán faműves mester (Bicske)


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